Heat Wave and High Electric Demand Expected - VEC is Asking Members to Trim Electric Use Wed and Thurs 6-10 PM

Heat Wave and High Electric Demand Expected

Johnson, VT- Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) is urging members to stay safe during the high temperatures expected this week. Safety is the absolute highest priority. VEC is also urging members to avoid optional electric use on Wednesday and Thursday evenings as the demand for electricity across New England is expected to spike, causing the electric supply to be dirtier and more expensive.

Specifically, VEC asks members to conserve electricity from 6 to 10 pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

“When VEC can reduce the cost to buy and transmit electricity during peak periods, it helps control future electricity rates for all co-op members,” said Andrea Cohen, VEC’s Manager of Member Relations.

Members can help beat the peak by:

  • Precharging and/or delaying charging of electric vehicles and lawn equipment
  • Waiting to use major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers
  • Turning off lights and powering down other devices
  • Keeping air cooling equipment to needed levels (consider pre-cooling your space)
  • Avoid using electric cooking appliances

There's more information about Beat the Peak here or you can call 800-2832-2667.