North Country Students Get Boost from VEC Community Fund

North Country Students Get Boost from VEC Community Fund

Johnson, Vt – Here’s another great example of generous Vermont Electric Co-op members contributing to the success of young people in our region.

The VEC Community Fund – supported by VEC members who voluntarily contribute by rounding up their electric bill or donating their member capital – recently awarded $1,000 to go toward prizes for North Country Supervisory Union students competing in a regional science and engineering fair.

Aaron Miller, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) coordinator for NCSU said the donation will add to the excitement of the North Country Science and Engineering Fair and contest, where students from grades 5-8 compete for prizes with science and engineering related projects.

Miller noted that one of the keys to a strong future workforce in Vermont is promoting the STEM careers. “STEM fields provide good pay, are in high demand, and are rewarding, useful work. These young people are a key to a healthy and vibrant future for our communities in Vermont.”

Miller said other organizations besides VEC also support the fair, which then sends winners to Vermont state STEM fair held at Norwich University in March.

“We absolutely could not host such a big fair without the financial support of organizations like Vermont Electric Co-op,” Miller said.

Since it made its first donation in 2015, the VEC Community Fund has sent just over $120,000 to some 140 non-profit organizations in the VEC region. The fund is supported by about 2,500 co-op members who voluntarily round up their electric bills to the nearest dollar, donate their member capital, or make one-time donations. The funds are entirely separate from money collected by VEC for electricity sales.

Visit to find out how you can contribute and how non-profits can apply for funding.

Pictured above are grade 6 students Dan Putvain from and Preslee Couture of Coventry present their winning formula.