Community Fund

The VEC Community Fund is a program adopted by the VEC Board of Directors that is intended to strengthen the community by supporting organizations that promote community development and economic security. The concept underscores a basic cooperative principle of neighbor helping neighbor.

Members can participate by:

  • Rounding up their electric bills to the next highest dollar
  • Making a one-time donation
  • Donating their returned Patronage Capital.

Funds are allocated on a quarterly basis. Focus areas are:

  • Economic Security
  • Energy Education
  • Emergency/Disaster Relief
  • Community Development

Eligible recipients are nonprofit tax-exempt organizations and/or public schools. Individuals are not eligible, but funds may pass through eligible organizations to support individual needs.

VEC accepts applications on a rolling basis, and the VEC Allocation Committee reviews applications quarterly. 

Organizations interested in being considered for a grant should complete and submit an on-line application by the close of business on the following dates: December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30.