Getting or Changing Service

Attention: 2024 Changes to Service Pricing and Process

New rates became effective April 1, 2024. If you have received an estimate in the prior months please be aware that material and labor costs have increased considerably from last year, and estimates are valid for 30 days. Costs will be billed after the member’s work is complete and inspected by VEC. After VEC receives payment, the project will be entered into our queue for the specific type of equipment required and type of work. For example, new service, service upgrades, size and type of transformer needed. The timeline for work will be dependent on availability of material. 
VEC continues to experience unprecedented challenges in procuring a wide variety of electric distribution equipment. The result is that there are now significant delays for VEC in completing some member requested electric services and we expect this situation to persist for some time. If you anticipate needing new or expanded service, we urge you to get into our application queue as soon as possible. 

This page offers information regarding brand new or expanded electrical service. If you are simply taking over service from another member, please call Member Services at 802-635-2331 or 800-832-2667 to complete the transfer.

Are you planning to construct a new home or facility? Looking to expand, and think you might need more power?

You can fill out online forms below. But before you start, here are a few items you should know about:

  • Please contact VEC well in advance of your need for power to ensure service will be available when it is needed. New service may require easements and/or special construction permits. 
  • All applications for electric service should include a service layout (site plan or hand-drawn sketch) designating the proposed location of buildings, additions, and property lines and indicating the preferred location of the service entrance equipment.
  • If any VEC owned infrastructure (e.g., poles, wires, vaults) will be located on your property (or neighbor’s property) as a result of this service, an easement giving VEC the right to access the property to maintain the equipment will be required.

Start the process by filling out the appropriate form with as much information as you can provide. 

You can fill out the forms directly on-line.

New Service

Change to Service

LED Security Light Application PDF

Once you complete and submit the forms, VEC will contact you with any questions and with information about scheduling a site visit and an engineering fee.

Additional notes:

VEC can provide temporary power for construction sites or for other short term uses. Please email the Engineering Department for details.

Because VEC's facilities are normally designed to meet a member's electricity demand requirement at the time of initial service, any additional load should not be connected until VEC has been notified.

In situations where a significant amount of new load will be added by a member, VEC may have to install larger service equipment or undertake additional construction (often at the member's expense) to accommodate the demand increase.

Links to reference documents:

VEC Electric Service Requirements

Construction Standards

For more information, please email our Engineering Department.

Below: VEC has five utility designers each covering a portion of VEC territory (see map below). These designers are ready to assist you in setting up new service or changing your service. They can be reached at 1-800-832-2667 or 802-635-2331 ext. 1117.