Annual Meeting & Election

This year's Annual Meeting of the Membership will be held Saturday, May 11 at Smugglers' Notch Resort. Join us! The meeting is a great opportunity to gather with the VEC community, learn, have fun, and participate in your cooperative's governance.  Also at the Annual Meeting, we announce the results of this year's election for the Board of Directors.  Below are districts with seats up for election, and the candidates running in each district.  

Members can vote by mail, or online. Online voting opens April 15 at 12 noon.

District 2

Kate Stallmann

I grew up in Bradford, VT and participated in the electric co-op election process for many years as a volunteer. My career is in technology and finance as an operations supervisor. I am detail-oriented while also able to step back and look at the big picture. Part of my professional responsibility is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, and testing and implementing those changes. I am comfortable in a leadership role and enjoy problem solving, while also appreciating fiscal responsibility. I believe the coming years will pose significant challenges for our Co-op, with rising costs and climate change. There are also reasons to be excited for the future, as new technology in solar and wind power emerges. Remote work and the increased popularity of electric vehicles is making a reliable, affordable and sustainable electric grid ever more important. I hope to be part of the solutions to these challenges.

Jeffery Wilson

As a Marine Veteran, service is ingrained in my core values. I am committed to serving my community and ensuring a better world for future generations. My experience as an Engineer in the Marines provided me with valuable skills in setting up electrical systems to power essential infrastructure in less fortunate regions. I understand the critical importance of reliable and affordable electricity, particularly as our community transitions to more electrical heating systems.

I am deeply interested in becoming a VEC director because I believe in the cooperative's mission of providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity to its members. I am passionate about ensuring that VEC remains transparent, especially concerning the costs of electricity. Transparency is key to building trust within our community and ensuring that members understand where their money is going and how it benefits them.

One of the most pressing issues facing VEC at this time is the need to further develop our grid to accommodate the increasing demand for electricity, especially as more households shift to electrical heating systems. My goal as a VEC director will be to advocate for the development of a robust and resilient grid that can effectively meet the needs of our community, even during severe weather events.

Additionally, I am committed to ensuring that VEC sources its electricity responsibly and ethically. I will work to promote the use of renewable energy sources and explore opportunities for community solar projects to reduce our carbon footprint and lower electricity costs for our members.

Furthermore, I recognize the importance of equipping VEC workers with the best equipment and training possible to effectively serve our community, especially during times of crisis when storms impact the grid. By investing in our workforce, we can minimize downtime and ensure that our community receives the support it needs when it matters most.

In summary, I bring a unique blend of experience, dedication, and passion to the role of VEC director. I am committed to serving the best interests of our community and ensuring that VEC remains a trusted provider of reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity. Thank you for considering me for this important position.

District 7

Rich Goggin

For the past 8 years, I've had the privilege of representing Vermont Electric Coop members from Alburgh, Grand Isle, Isle LaMotte, North Hero, and South Hero: VEC District 7. As President of the VEC’s Board of Directors, I've been dedicated to championing the Board’s commitment to ‘putting our members first’ in every decision we make. VEC strategically prioritizes reliability, fiscal responsibility, and sourcing energy from renewable sources, carefully balancing these priorities to minimize any impact on electric rates for our members.

The electric power landscape is rapidly evolving, transitioning from solely relying on "pole & wires" infrastructure to a multi-layered system that includes software solutions, smart devices (such as meters, thermostats, and electric vehicles), and renewable energy generation and storage. With innovative programs like SmartHub, Beat the Peak, Community Solar, and ChargeItUp, VEC remains at the forefront of this energy transformation, empowering members to understand and efficiently manage their energy consumption.

As your representative on the Board of Directors, I am committed to steering VEC's energy policies in the best interest of our members. I will prioritize overall system reliability to mitigate outages and ensure the safe delivery of energy. Additionally, I will continue to support VEC’s goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2030 in a fiscally responsible manner that benefits all Coop members. Your vote will allow me to continue this important work.

Your questions and concerns are always valued. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or call 508-439-9166.

Sylvia Jensen 

Hello members, my name is Sylvia Jensen and I have resided in Isle LaMotte for over 43 years. My parents and siblings were raised on a large dairy and beef operation in Alburgh. After graduating from Champlain College with an associate degree in business, I worked for various businesses before returning to Grand Isle County to operate my own dairy farm in Isle LaMotte. Being part of the agricultural community has taught me an incredible work ethic, the ability to assess and develop a path to resolution, and perseverance. I began my employment with the VT Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets in January 2000. Currently I work in the Water Quality Division. I continue to farm on a part-time basis and rent portions of it to local farmers. Currently serving on the ACT250 District #6 Commission, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, Champlain Islands Unified Union School District Board, Isle LaMotte Community Organization, and ILM Trustee of Public Funds Board.

My interest in running as Director for District 7 is a result of a career’s worth of involvement in national, statewide, regional, local organizations and governances that intersect with our use of electricity and energy. I am a proponent of electricity harnessed from on-farm digesters, solar generation, and hydro electric power. However, providing the most economical and feasible power to customers is paramount.

Preparing the grid to manage future electrical needs and requirements (cars, heating, etc.), resilience to future weather challenges, and keeping rates affordable will be my utmost priority.

East Zone At Large

Brian Cook

I wish to run for the Zone East board seat. My family settled in Vermont before it was even a state and was only a republic. I fished below the McIndoe Falls dam as a child, and electricity has always been a passion of mine. I majored in industrial electricity in college and worked for New England Electrical Transmission at the AC/DC converter station a few miles from where I grew up in McIndoes.

I served on the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Board of Directors for 12 years, on the Vermont Brewers Association Board of Directors for 3 years, and I am currently a Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce director.

My wife Jennifer, our daughter Addy, and I started Kingdom Brewing 12 years ago. We are stewards of the land with a sustainable Black Angus cattle farm. Protecting our land is important to us.

We are at a turning point with investing in renewables. There needs to be a balance between renewable green energy and being able to afford to keep the lights on. I want affordability and reliability to be top priorities in renewable power. My experiences as a successful business owner will certainly make me a suitable candidate for this board.

I look forward to serving you. I can be reached at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Richard Dee

My wife, Renee and I live in Lowell on Mount Norris. We moved here in 2022 after working and raising a family in Ohio. I have a strong business background and am ready to serve this area’s cooperative members.

I began my career in New York City as a sales analyst for HBO. We relocated to Ohio in 1981 where I managed computer systems, payroll and accounting for a construction company in Cleveland. I was also an adjunct faculty member at the College of Wooster and performed clarinet in several arts organizations including the Akron Symphony and the Blossom Festival Band. I have taught many students over the years.

In 1998, I worked for Alcan Rubber & Chemical. In 2003, I became part-owner, COO and CFO of ChemSpec, Ltd. I served on its Board of Directors. I oversaw all aspects of the company, especially purchasing and quality control. I traveled extensively throughout the world visiting and inspecting supplier manufacturing plants.

I served on the board for the Greater Akron Musical Arts Association from 2006-2011 and chaired the Finance Committee. I have also volunteered for the Kiwanis, the Boy Scouts of America, Akron Lyric Opera and the PTA.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

I want to keep Vermont Electric Coop in excellent financial condition and focused on benefitting all its members. I want to continue the focus on renewable sources of energy especially from local producers.

George Lague 

Hello, my name is George H. Lague and I am seeking re-election to the board of Vermont Electric Cooperative. I graduated From VTC in 1970 with a degree in electrical engineering and began my career at Citizens Utilities for sixteen years then went to work for Swanton Village as their manager for twenty three years. At Swanton I managed the electric, water, and wastewater systems as well as the police, fire and street departments. During my time there the Hydro electric facility was expanded from 4 megawatts to 10 megawatts at a cost of over 22 Million dollars. This caused a steep rise in electric rates followed by over seven years of no rate increases at all. The hydro expansion allowed Swanton Village to ultimately have the lowest electric rates in the state for several years. I am interested in the position on the board to offer my experience in the utility business. As a board member you are part of a team of people whose job is to provide guidance and over sight for the manger at the co-op. I am a native Vermonter born in Newport. My wife and I have both lived here most of our lives. We will celebrate our fifty fourth anniversary this summer. We have three daughters that have blessed us with eight grandchildren and now seven great grandchildren with number eight expected in June. Thank you for your consideration.


George H. Lague

Mark Tivoly

My name is Marc Tivoly. I was born in the French Alpes. I went to business school in France and in UK. In 2000 I moved to Newport Center. In 2011 I was naturalized. From 2000 until October 2023, I was the CEO of Tivoly Inc (Derby Line VT). Tivoly Inc manufactures High Speed Steel Threading Taps for metal working applications.

VEC has always been a committed and reliable organization. I am interested to become a board member, because I desire to learn more about our community. I would like also to better understand VEC ‘s challenges & opportunities.

The first thing I did when I started my manufacturing career, was to listen and to learn from our talented team. Eventually, we did amazing things. As a director I will do the same: Listen and learn. I will then contribute to the best of my ability wherever it will be the most needed.

I believe that our challenge is to continue to provide a reliable, cost effective and clean energy while facing an unstable and unpredictable environment.

I have “people skills” and an international background. Easy to speak with. I always welcome ideas, suggestions, and questions. Feel free to reach out: + 1 802 272 0212.

Thank you..!

West Zone at Large

Ken Hoeppner

Vermont Electric Cooperative is a complex business encompassing power supply, finance, energy distribution, public relations, and governance, the committee which I chair. My background includes engineering, planning, finance, auditing, quality and management. I intend to draw on this skill set to bring a conservative opinion to board decision making. In these difficult times it is imperative to keep rates affordable without sacrificing reliability. Vermont is in a unique place. In comparison to other states, it has the highest quality of air and lowest emissions, at 0.1% of the US. VEC has achieved the carbon free goal and is working on the 2030 goal of 100% renewables. However, as technology emerges, we need to be mindful to assure that implementation is cost effective and does not create unbearable burden for our membership

Some other points to mention. The Department of Public Service and Public Utilities have great respect for VEC competence. The current Board of Directors represent a broad diversity of industry and this environment provides healthy and respectful debate. In addition, I believe in community service and have served in positions at Lamoille County Mental Health, Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, the Vermont Horse Council and the Advisory Committee of Cambridge Christian Fellowship. If elected, I will continue to draw on these various experiences to serve the membership with conservative oversight on the VEC Board of Directors. Being a cooperative, our goal is " Lighting the path to affordable clean energy. . . together"

Contact information: [email protected] 802-644-5771

Tim Kenney

I am a lifelong resident of Richmond, VT with experience in serving on boards for commercial entities and nonprofits. I have managed technology companies as well as several international offices for GE Healthcare. I believe my experience would be valuable to the board.

In my current role as President and Chief Operating Officer of SOOS, a cybersecurity company, and through my previous positions in the technology and healthcare sectors, I have developed a strong foundation in overseeing complex systems and ensuring their security and efficiency. On January 31, 2024, the FBI warned Congress that Chinese hackers are preparing to wreak havoc on critical U.S. infrastructure. I am interested in applying my expertise in cybersecurity to enhance the Co-Op's defenses against ever-evolving digital threats.

Additionally, the increased frequency of storms and outages, likely exacerbated by climate change, is a concern that I share with many of you. It’s important to improve the resilience of the Co-Op distribution system against such environmental challenges while maintaining an affordable system for commercial and residential members.

I appreciate the Co-Op’s movement towards a completely renewable and clean energy supply. The Co-Op must continue to explore localized energy sources and storage solutions. As a family, we are proud participants in the community solar projects initiated by Vermont Electric Co-Op. I am excited about the opportunity to support and expand such initiatives at the board level.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at

to review my experience.

Victor Veve

I am a candidate for the director position on the Vermont Electric Co-op board. I bring with me extensive experience in the energy sector, particularly in solar and energy storage development, and a background working with co-ops across the country developing renewable energy projects.  

What drives me to seek this role is the opportunity to advocate for the interests of our community, as a local who has lived here in this area my whole life. I believe it is important to carry on our Vermont tradition of environmental stewardship, and I am dedicated to advancing initiatives that promote cost effective sustainability while balancing the needs of our members.

I am committed to ensuring the reliability and affordability of our energy services. I believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity, and I am deeply invested in ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in our cooperative's decision-making processes. It is essential for all of us to discuss, plan and chart a path together as we face all our shared challenges. “Freedom and Unity” (VT. Motto)

If elected, I will be dedicated to advancing our shared goals of sustainability, resilience, and progress. I will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of innovative solutions that have the potential for meaningful impact and rate savings.

Together, we have the power to shape the future of our planet and ensure a legacy of hope for generations to come.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you further; 802-490-1716.