Flexible Load Program

Level II Electric Vehicle Chargers

VEC is offering a $250 bill credit for the purchase of a home Level II electric vehicle charger. This incentive is designed to help members purchase and install a Level II charger and avoid charging at times when electricity costs are highest.

Participants who accept this incentive must do one of the following:

  1. If the charger is on the list below, members may be able to enroll in a communications platform so that VEC can request that your charger not operate during peak events (5-6 events per month for 3-4 hours each). A VEC representative will contact you to complete this process, and you will receive an additional $50 incentive for enrolling.
  2. If the charger is not on the list below or the member chooses not to enroll their charger in the control platform, the member should set their car charger or car schedule to not charge from 5-9 p.m. Mon-Fri and send in a screenshot of that schedule.

Participants with models listed below may be able to choose Option #1 above and enroll in a VEC communications platform:

  • ChargePoint Home (CPH25, all variations)
  • ChargePoint Flex (CPH50, all variations)
  • JuiceBox (Pro 32, Pro 40, Pro 40 Lite, or Pro 75)
  • FLO Home X5
  • Webasto (Packetized-enabled)

To receive a bill credit, submit this form along with a proof of purchase and screenshot of a car of charging schedule.

To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Flexible Load Water Heating (Packetized) 

VEC is inviting members to participate in its Flexible Load Water Heating Program, designed to make the electric grid cleaner, cheaper, and easier to run. Learn more about the incentives and eligibility here.