Rates and Tariffs

2023 Rate Request

On November 15, 2022 Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) filed a request for an 8.19 percent rate increase to apply to VEC member bills in the new year. The primary driver for the increase request is the cost of wholesale power, primarily driven by the worldwide shortage of natural gas. VEC’s 2023 power supply cost is projected to increase by $4.8 million over 2022.
See below for answers to frequently asked questions.
The Co-op Life article regarding this request can be viewed here
The press release can be viewed here
The 2023 rate sheet can be viewed here.

Current Rates and Fees 

This page provides an overview of VEC's fees and the most common rates.

Additional rates are available and individual accounts may be eligible for them.

Click here to view VEC's full tariff. (effective 9/1/22)

Click here to view VEC's service fees. (effective 1/1/20)

Click here for information on Efficiency Vermont's 2022 rates. (effective 2/1/22)

Click here to view temporary unserved broadband deployment rider. (effective 3/19/21).


Residential service is available to all residential dwellings and is optional for farms.
Customer charge* - $18.14 per month
0-100 kWh - $0.09193 per kWh
kWh in excess of 100 kWh per month - $0.18556 per kWh
*An additional $5.91 per month is charged for additional meters, not including solar production meters.

General Service


Non-Demand General Service is available to non-residential members with demand lower than 500 kW per month and usage less than 15,000 kWh per month.*
Customer charge - $19.23 per meter per month
Usage - $0.16682 per kWh
*An account where usage exceeds 15,000 kWh for two consecutive months will be placed on the General Service with the demand rate.


General Service with demand is available to non-residential members with demand lower than 500 kW per month and usage greater than 15,000 kWh per month.
Customer charge - $32.06 per meter per month
Usage - $0.09548 per kWh
Demand* - $21.99 per kW
*Demand charges are based on the highest measured 15-minute demand during the billing period and not less than 80 percent of the highest billing demand during the preceding eleven months.

FAQ on Demand Billing


Industrial rates are available to members whose demand meets or exceeds 500 kW for two consecutive months.

Demand charge Energy charge Monthly service charge
Distribution - firm $20.94 $0.09473 $244.87
Distribution - interruptible $17.19 $0.09473 $244.87
Subtransmission - firm $12.68 $0.09453 $244.87
Subtransmission - interruptible $8.93 $0.08836 $244.87

Additional details on these rates can be found in the full tariff.

Click here to view Service Classification #5 - Specific Use Dynamic Pricing.

FAQ on Power Factor Charges