Paperless Billing

VEC’s paperless billing service through SmartHub is an easy way to save trees, money, and time. For every member who signs up for paperless billing service, the Co-op saves about $7 a year. With just under 6,500 members participating, that adds up over $45,000 in annual savings. If every VEC member participated, we could save more than $200,000 and 12,000 pounds of paper a year. That’s a lot of savings!

The other thing paperless billing saves is time - your time. When you receive a bill by email, you can log on to your account, using either your computer or mobile device, and pay it immediately or schedule to pay at a later date. You can also save bank account information so that you don’t have to enter it every time. Simply select your payment method, enter the amount you’d like to pay, and click the “Make Payment” button to confirm. No stamps, checks, or envelopes required.

Also, as a thank you for participating in paperless billing, you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing to win a $25 bill credit. We pick four winners every month!

You can sign up for paperless billing today through SmartHub. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to set one up. In SmartHub, go to “My Profile -> My Information -> Update My Printed Bill Settings” and set your “Printed Bill Status” to “off.” You can also email or call 1-800-832-2667 to sign up for paperless billing.