Planned Outage in South Hero, Grand Isle and North Hero

Attention members in South Hero, Grand Isle and North Hero: VEC will be performing transmission system repairs in your area. This work will require a brief outage affecting approximately 3,100 members on Tuesday, March 23, from 4:00 pm to 4:05 pm. If for some reason the repair cannot be performed on Tuesday, the backup date is the following day, Wednesday, March 24 at the same time. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

Below are the streets/roads affected:

Abnaki Rd, Adams Landing, Adams landing ext, Adams School Rd, Allen Point Rd, Allen Rd Allen Rd ext, Angel Bay Ln, Atkins Bay Ln, Baker Ln, Barque Rd, Bayview Rd, Beacon Hill, Bell Hill Rd, Bittersweet Ln, Bow and Arrow Pt, Buermann Ln, Camp Vt Crt, Canamak Dr, Canamak W., Canoe Rd, Canoe Rd ext, Cardinal Ln, Carter Ln, Cavendish Cove Rd, Cedar Cliffs Ln, Cedar point Rd, Cedar St, Cedarvale Ln, Champlain Blvd, Champlain Landing, Champlain Ln, Chase Ln, Ciara Dr, Clipper Rd, Clover Ln, Colodny Way, Colonel Allen Dr, Community Ln, Contentment Ln, Cooper Bay N, Cooper Bay S, Crescent Bay Rd, Davis Hill Rd, Dinghy Rd, Dodge Ter, Donaldson Rd, Drawbridge Ln, Dreamland Rd, Dubuque Ln, Eagle Camp Rd, East shore Ln, East shore Rd, East view Ln, Emerald Point Rd, Englewood Rd, Farm House Rd, Faywood Rd, Featherbed Ln, Ferry Rd, Fish Hatchery Rd, Folsom Harbor Rd, Four Winds Rd, Fox Crossing Rd, Fridget Rd, Gifford Ln, Gifford Rd, Gordon’s Landing, Green Point Rd, Griswold Rd, Hall Rd, Hansen Ln, Harrington Ln, Hatch Hill, Haycorn Hollow, Heritage Dr, Heron Ridge Rd, Hibbard Point Rd, Hislop Landing, Hoag Ln, Hochelaga Rd, Hodgekin Pl, Hollow Rock Rd, Hyde Rd, Idlewild Rd, Inselheim Rd, Iodine Springs St, Irish Rover Ln, Island Acres, Island Circle, Island meadows Ln, Isle Ln, Jackson Point, Jeannie’s Ln, John Stark Rd, Kayak Rd, Keel Rd, Keeler Bay Rd, Ketch Rd, Kibbe Farm Rd, Kibbe Point Rd, Kinney Ln, Knights Cove, Knights Vista, Ladd Point, Ladd Rd, Lake Dr, Lakeshore Blvd, Lakeview Rd, Lakeview St, Landing Ln, Landon Rd, Land’s End Way, Launch Rd, Lavigne Rd, Lighthouse Rd, Lightning Rd, Lipizzan Ln, Little Farm Rd, Log cabin Ln, Lombard Ln, Longmeadow Camp Rd, Longmeadow E, Lovers Ln, Mable Way, Macomber Ln, Maple Ridge Ln, Martin Rd, Maynard Crt, McBride Ln, Mckenzie Ln, Meadow Ln, Melcher Pl, Ministry Ln, Moccasin Ave, Mott Ln, Mountain View Rd, Narrows Rd, Nichols Bay Ln, Northland Ln, Old Farm Rd, Old Marsh Rd, Old Town Ln, Old West Shore Rd, Outer Bay Way , Parizo Ln, Passage View Ln, Patridge Rd, Pearl bay Ln, Pearl St, Pelot’s Point Rd. Pent Rd, Peters Farm Rd, Phleps Ln, Pine St, Pleasantview Dr, Point Farm Rd, Point farm W, Pond Rd, Providence island, Quaker Rd, Raewyn Ln, Railroad St, Razzberry Ln, Remple Rd, Reynolds Rd, Richards Rd, Richardson Pl, Robinson Pt, Rock Ledge, Rooks Ln, Route 2 Roy’s Ridge Rd, Sandbar Heights, Sandy Cove, Savage Point Ln, Savage Point Rd, Shirley Ave, Simms Point Rd, Skiff Rd, Sligo Rd, Sloop Rd, South End Rd, South St, Star Rd, Station Rd, Stevens Camp Rd, Sturgeon Rd, Simms Point Rd, Sunrise Dr, Sunrise Ln, Sunset beach Rd, Sunset View Rd, Sweeney Farm Rd, Sweeney Rd, Tebeau Ter, Terry Ln, Tourville Dr, Town Line Rd, Tracy Rd, Turtle Bay Ln, Vessel Rd, Village Crt, Wally Point Rd, Water’s Edge Dr, Watson’s Ridge, West Shore Rd., Westside Village, Whipperwill Ln, Whipple Rd, Whites Ln, Wilfred’s Way, Windmill Way, Windridge Rd., Wright Ln, Yacht Rd, Yawl Rd.